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How We Work Together - Your Choice

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Real Estate is one of the few businesses where the service provider spends time and money working with clients without a guarantee of being paid.  And even more illogically, real estate commissions are determined based on the price of the property a client buys, regardless of the amount of work the agent did for that client. 

Do you see the problem here? This system incentivizes agents to push their clients to buy the most expensive property as quickly as possible. While highly ethical and service-oriented agents like myself ignore these dangerous incentives, many buyers have bad experiences with agents who fall prey to the temptation of a quick sale. We can do better.

I offer my clients options for how they choose to work with me.  If you are more comfortable with the traditional compensation approach, I’m happy to work with you that way.  But, I also offer an option called “predictable compensation” that very few agents can offer.  This approach can save you thousands of dollars in some cases.

Let’s talk about which of these options works best for you!

Option 1 – “Traditional Compensation”

I receive a percentage of the price of the home or land you purchase after you close. I seek compensation from the listing agent first, but if they do not offer the amount we agreed to, then you are responsible for the difference. For example, if you buy a $400,000 home, I receive 3% of the price at closing.  If the listing agent offers only 2.5% then you pay $2,000 toward my compensation at closing.

Option 2 – “Predictable Compensation”

After a complimentary home or land showing appointment, you pay a $500 retainer for up to 20 additional showings.  The retainer is deducted from my final commission at closing.  I receive $9,000 after closing if you purchase a home and $5,000 if you buy vacant land. I seek compensation from the listing agent first, and if they offer MORE compensation than we agreed to, you receive the difference at closing. Using the same example as above, if the agent offered 2.5% on a $400,000 home, you would receive a $1,500 credit at closing vs. paying me $2,000.