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Working With NC Real Estate Agents

When you first speak with any NC real estate agent (including me!), remember that we are not required to keep the information you share confidential.  In fact, if you share something that may benefit one of our clients, we are REQUIRED to share that information with our client.

Think about it - you visit an open house and chat with the agent hosting the event.  You share with the agent that you have to move in the next six weeks for your new job, and that while you are approved to finance up to $500,000, you really only want to spend $400,000.  If you decide later to make an offer on that house, the agent you chatted with at the open house MUST disclose to their client the information you shared about your move deadline and financing.  Ouch.

Once you sign a representation agreement with me, I protect your interests and confidential information.  My job is to advocate for your interests and get you the best deal possible.  I know NC real estate rules, my local markets, and how to protect you from costly mistakes.  My knowledge and experience working with hundreds of clients and deals are available to you.

If you choose to buy or sell property on your own, keep in mind that everyone you speak with - other agents, their clients, their attorneys, their contractors, etc. - does not work for you or represent your interests.  They will not protect your confidential information or advise you on offers and real estate rules and guidelines.  You are on your own.