Buying a Home or Land in Western NC

Evolving Real Estate for the Digital Age

Most home and land buyers don’t need me to find properties for them.  Having dozens of new listings delivered to your inbox daily is easy.  But which of these properties is worth considering?  Which lot is too steep for building, which home is in a flood zone, is there a busy road nearby, was the bathroom remodel permitted, is the property subject to city taxes or restrictive zoning, and are there recreation areas nearby?

This is where I come in – your Western NC Home and Land-Buying Advisor.  A traditional real estate agent focuses on selling you a home or land.  My role is to advise you on properties that best fit your needs and, more often, recommend why a lot or home may not be a good match for your plans.

When visiting a property, I do a lot more than just unlock the door.  I’ll tell you about the area where the property is located, share whether major systems like the roof or HVAC have been recently replaced, describe how water and waste are handled at the property, describe the sales history, zoning, and taxes for the property, and share my opinion on the asking price.

Once you find a home or lot you love, I design an offer that favors your interests, advocate and negotiate on your behalf, work with surveyors, lenders, and inspectors to avoid surprises, and help you close your property purchase.

You will never feel rushed when working with me – on average, I spend 150 hours working with my clients to get them the property they want.  And I’m always available to answer your questions so you will feel confident about your buying decisions!